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Using Condor
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Using Linux
  1. Condor job scheduler
    To use the computing resources efficiently and fairly, all computing-intensive jobs are required to be submitted with job scheduler Condor on Crebeo and Benny cluster. Condor is a distributed job scheduler developed by the computer science department at Univ. of Wisconsin – Madison. It utilizes the computing power of a pool of computers that communicate over a network. When a user submits a job to Condor, Condor finds an available computer in the pool and begins running the job on it. Condor can check the available resources and assign jobs in a way that balances workload. More...

  2. Off-campus Access
    Cluster access is restricted to regiestered in-campus computers via ssh only. If you want work from home, here are several ways to log on to the cluster. More...

  3. Solve duplex printing and tray problems for Levich printers.
    It has been reported that there are some problems with duplex printing and tray selection on the two network printers at room 1M23. These can be solved by installing the right printer driver on your computer. For any reason if this does not work for you, here is another way to print duplex or sigle side as desired. More...

  4. Password protecting a directory of your website.
    You want some data readable only after you type in the right password? Read more ...

  5. Set up a passwordless ssh.
    Alought it is not recommended to set up passwordless ssh sessions for security reasons, some of you still want this feature for saving a few keyboard strokes. Well, here is how.

System administration

  1. Clone operating systems.
    It is a common task for a system administrator to make a clone of a disk, sometimes a bootable hard disk drive. Cloning a disk is very useful when making a backup of of a critial system and repairng the damaged disk of a slave node. The disk cloning can be achieved by simple unix command "dd" or "netcat". More...