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Configuration for the Network Printing

Dr. Junjun Mao

Research Associate, Levich Institute at City College of New York, Last update: 08/21/2006

This tutorial is an instruction of the printer driver installation for the black/white printer and color printer at Levish Institute. It is also intended for advanced printing functions "Duplex printing", "Tray selection", and "Multipage printing" that some users are asking for*.

Background Information

Black/White printer:

Model name: Lexmark T634
Name: lipr1.engr.ccny.cuny.edu
Drivers: Mac OSX, Windows XP

Color Printer:

Model name: HP Color LaserJet 3800
Name: lihpp4.engr.ccny.cuny.edu
Drivers: Mac OSX, Windows XP

* Eventhough after the right printer driver is installed, the control of duplex printing has to be turned on/off by your applications such as MS word, web browser, and pdf viewer. Some applications like MS Powerpoint 2000 has the integrated "Multipage printing" called "Handout printing" that does not requir driver support.

For Mac OSX

To be done.

For Windows XP

Black and White printer

  1. Download the driver from here, but DO NOT run it. Step 2 to 6 will prepare a local port for the network printer. I found this is easier than running the Lexmark installation program "custom install" option.
  2. Step 2 to 6 is to create a IP port for this printer. Open Control Panel>Printers and Other Hardware>Add a Printer and press next. This will bring up the printer wizard:
  3. Select "local printer" and uncheck "automatic detect" as above. Click nex to proceed.
  4. In this screen, select "Create a new port" and specify "Standard TCP/IP" port.
  5. Type in IP address of the Black and White printer, and the Print Wizard will generate the protname for you shown as the following screenshot.
  6. After creating the port, the wizard will ask for for diver and you choose cancel at this point. If the port alread exists, which happens if you previously had an installation of driver on this port, the wizard will stop you. Anyway, cancel the installation once you have this port configured.
  7. Run the program you downloaded at step1 and choose "Local Printer Install".
  8. On the next screen, select port IP_134.74.76.42 and finish the rest steps of installation.
  9. To use duplex function, install this optional support from the Device tab of printer properties window.
  10. Click on the "Printing Preferences" in General tab of the above window, you get the Prefernces window and you may turn Duplex on and off under tab "Setup" and select "Multipage Printing". Control of the source of paper tray under tab "Paper".

Color printer

  1. Download the driver from here.
  2. Install the driver in the similar way as described by Black/White printer installation above except the IP is
  3. The controls of Dunplex Printing and Multipage Printing are under tab Finishing, and the control of paper source is under tab Paper/Quaity.

For Linux

The installation of Linux driver varies very much due to the difference among versions and distrobutions of Linux. Under Fedora core, run "yum update" to update your system and run "system-config-printer" to add the printer. The installation of both printers as LPD printers was succesfull with the driver "Lexmark T612" for Lexmark T634 and "HP Color LaserJet3800" for HP color printer. You may have to be root to do these.

The driver option panel allows you to choose duplex printing and the source tray of paper. "Multi-page" printing is not supported under Linux.


Still have problem?

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